Public Speaking Topics

Having a speaker for your company or industry event is a great way to get people thinking introspectively. My approach to speaking is fun, a little irreverent and meant to be thought provoking.

Below are four primary topics on which I speak, and I can craft others from my life based on topics of interest to my audience. These topics are one hour in length and can be increased or decreased based on available time, and depth of desired content. All of my topics have a degree of audience participation.

Top Ten Ways to Succeed at Failing: Be sure to block and tackle so you don’t have to throw the Hail Mary pass.

In this presentation we look at the common mistakes businesses make while pursuing growth, some of which seem like “the right thing to do at the time”.

Creating Structural Integrity: How to build a culture that will stand the test of time.

A culture, like a building, needs to have structural integrity. In this discussion we examine a new way to look at culture, and learn how to build a culture that can endure, yet change.

The Middle Path Management Philosophy: How suffering leads to dysfunction and how to minimize it.

Suffering. It is part of life. However, there is a suffering that is part of human nature. In this presentation we apply the Buddha’s concept of suffering to business so that we can minimize it in our companies as a way to cut down on employee turnover and improve overall profitability.

Reality Check: Dysfunction in your company…an interventional discussion.

This is a very interactive and open workshop where the audience is challenged to talk about and deal with dysfunction from the position of owning it.