HTF Lesson #002: Stand for Nothing

This one is pretty straight forward. If you stand for nothing, it will allow you to stay flexible which is incredibly important to accomplishing #001 Sell, sell, sell. What do I mean by “Stand for Nothing”? It can be interpreted as “Be all things to all people”. That way, you are always sure to keep everybody happy, which as you know, is really important to creating a great culture. It also means not developing any values by which your company operates. Values are tough to uphold when you are growing fast and can change at any time depending on the situation. Values also keep you confined to certain lanes, which means you will never get to move into the passing lane.

Values also get in the way of maximizing failure because if you abide by them it can lead to a solidly profitable company. Who would want that when the excitement is in failing, after all, who doesn’t love a good train wreck? There are many examples in business and politics where having values that you live and operate by lead to success but remember, your goal is to fail.

Takeaway: Culture, values and purpose (the latest buzzword) will impede on your ability to fail…avoid them at all costs.

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